Apple event

Apple event

We are slowly getting closer to the Apple event, the exact date is September 16 and the time is 21:30 Iran time.
There are many news and rumors about the new iPhones, i.e. the iPhone 14 series, as well as Apple Watch Series 8 and Pro, as well as AirPods Pro.
Let’s check some of these news together:

iPhone family
The main products of this event are the iPhone series, according to rumors, there is no news of the popular iPhone mini version this year, and the order of the series is iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, and the 14 Max version with the hardware of the 14 version and the dimensions of the 14 Pro Max is presented to the market.
Among other rumors is the introduction of the purple rank, which we saw in the iPhone 11.
Another news is the removal of the notch in the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max versions of the phone, which is supposed to be replaced with 2 holes.
But the non-Pro versions have a notch and it is also said that they use the old version of the processor and the new version of the A series processors does not include them.

Apple Watch

Test Apple Watch SE : notre avis - CNET France

According to reports, the Apple Watch Series 8 has an old look with the same curved edges as before
On the other hand, the Pro N series, as it seems, has flat edges and with a size of 47 mm, it will be the largest watch of this series, which will naturally have a higher price than the 8 series.


Apple AIRPODS WITH CHARGING CASE - Casque - white/blanc - ZALANDO.FR

It has been 3 years since the introduction of AirPods Pro, which created a revolution in hands-free headphones with its noise canceling capability.
As it seems, Airpod Pro 2 is going to be introduced to compensate for the shortcomings of its previous series by supporting Lossless audio format and having a speaker on its case for positioning.

Ios 16

In the previous iPhone event, a big shock was given to the users of older iPhone versions with the introduction of iOS16.
Apple prevented the ios16 update for the 7 and 7+ series phones, and they will receive the new operating system update from version 8 onwards.
This version comes with many changes.
Personalize the lock screen
The ability to separate a subject from a photo
It is possible to edit or delete the message in e-message in the first 15 minutes after sending
Sharing the keys stored by the app wallet.
A new privacy tool called “Safety Check” has been introduced to help people who are at risk of violence or harassment.
It is possible that the ios 16 update will be available with the release of the new iPhone.

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