What is UI UX?

What is UI UX?

UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience.

These two concepts are used in the basic design process of an efficient product and they have a lot of interaction with each other, but in practice, user experience can be considered a more general and larger concept, and the user interface is also a part of this concept.

In the process of designing a product, UX has more analytical, statistical and technical aspects. While the UI deals more with the graphic aspects and the external structure of the product.

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User experience or UX

UX stands for user experience.

User experience means improving the product for the user and from the user’s point of view.

In fact, it can be referred to the way a user interacts with a product.

For example, when a person enters a site or an application, how does he communicate with it, such as: home button, scroll bar, how and how quickly to find blog sections.

Some criteria that can be mentioned:

1- Value: Does this product or site give me value?

2- Function: Does this product or site have a positive function for me?

3- Usability: Is this product or site easy to use?

4- General impression: In general, is it pleasant for me to use this site or product?

User interface or UI

UI stands for user interface.

It can be said that user interface design is a part of user experience design, because during it, the user communicates with the product functions through design elements, components, elements, colors and user interface design techniques.

The task of a UI designer, in a website or application, includes all visual elements such as colors, appearance design of buttons, used images, etc.

In fact, one of their most important tasks is to beautify the appearance of a product and the integrity of a website or program.


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