2022 most secure messengers

The most secure messenger programs of 2022

In this article, we will review the best messengers to protect your privacy.
One of the most important techniques in this field is END-TO-END encryption, where only the sender and receiver can access the data.

According to most security experts, Signal software is the best option for protecting your privacy. Signal’s parent company is a non-profit foundation created by an anarchist cryptographer and co-founder of WhatsApp, which is a huge plus. This service was also suggested by Edward Snowden, a security and privacy expert.
– END-TO-END encryption
– Full features of voice and video call and a variety of stickers
– Automatic deletion of messages
– Can be used on desktop
– Very strong encryption system similar to WhatsApp

-Need to introduce mobile number



Threema is a very safe service with attractive features such as voice and video call, using GPS and transferring large files. You don’t need to provide information such as mobile number to log in, and it will create an ID-KEY for you, but for easier use, you can introduce your own mobile number.
This software is only established among German users and other users use it little. For this reason, it has only 4 million users.
But the special advantage it has created in the field of group chat makes this service very attractive.
– END-TO-END encryption
– Various and user-friendly features
– Automatic deletion of messages
– Has a voting feature
– No need for identity information such as mobile number or email

-Not free ($4)
-Very few users


This service is one of the most user-friendly networks of the last few years with many users in the world, which has very good security and privacy and uses END-TO-END encryption similar to Signal.
Unfortunately, WhatsApp was sold to Facebook in 2014, but fortunately, unlike Instagram, which has terrible privacy, it still managed to maintain the user’s privacy to a large extent.
– END-TO-END encryption
– Various and user-friendly features
– Delete messages if set
– Too many users
– The need for identity information such as mobile number or email
– Owned by Meta Company


Telegram, which uses its own encryption method, has unfortunately activated the END-TO-END feature only for SECRET CHAT, and this feature is not active in the group section.
– The most comprehensive service
– Creating a group with more than 200 thousand users
– Recovering data and synchronizing it in different devices with amazing speed
-No default support for END-TO-END encryption
-A team with focused and opaque thinking
-Encryption protocol without scientific documentation for review
-Force access to your contacts

Dust was created by the famous Mark Cuban. Dust uses both AES-128 and RSA-2048 encryption and focuses on protecting your privacy. It stores your messages only in your RAM, which is automatically deleted after viewing, which has a much higher level of privacy than its competitors.
Dust prevents screenshots and hides your username when sending messages. But unfortunately, since 2020, the development team of this program has not done any new work and it does not seem that there is an active team behind the project.

-Strong encryption
-Use of blockchain

-Relatively less features than the top competitors
-Lack of proper support


Apart from these, there are other good messengers such as WIRE and WICKR ME, which are completely OPEN-SOURCE and have good security. In particular, you have probably seen WICKR in the hands of hackers and security experts, which is really rare in the field of security and does not send sensitive data such as time of sending and geographical location in the metadata section and deletes the data itself quickly. But the purchase of this attractive software by Amazon in 2021 was an alarm for its users, who were used to relatively less facilities than its competitors.

In fact, messaging that does not have an active user cannot be used. So we have three main options. TELEGRAM stores more metadata than SIGNAL and sends the IP and geographic location of the message to the recipient even in secret chat mode, but SIGNAL only puts the moment of sending the message in the metadata. There are also doubts about the creators of TELEGRAM and their relationship with the Russian government.
Unlike TELEGRAM and SIGNAL, WHATSAPP does not prevent screenshots, and unlike Signal, it does not have the feature of preventing typing. With this condition, SIGNAL seems to be unrivaled in the field of user privacy.
On the other hand, it does not mean selective privacy. You cannot show yourself to everyone one day and leave your house and the next day decide to wear a mask and leave the same house again and expect to remain anonymous. In fact, TELEGRAM gives you the best privacy against other users, but it has full access to your data.
In order to check the privacy of Instagram, it is enough to search the internet a little bit to go through the step by step way of intruding into the privacy of each person, or if you don’t want to, by searching the news, there are many cases of the use of Instagram users’ data by regulatory bodies easily and with permission. You are viewing Meta Company.

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