BeReal application

BeReal application

BeReal was created in 2020 by a French entrepreneur named Alexis Briat. The mission of this application, as the name suggests, is for users to be their true selves.
Be Real platform, despite the fact that less than two years have passed since its establishment. It has more than 10 million active users. And it has grown 1000 times in one year, and perhaps this point has caused special attention to this platform as a serious competitor for Instagram. This company has more than 30 employees who rely on the potentials of He plans to increase the number of users to more than 100 million.
Reports about the popularity of this social network in America and the attraction of a large number of Instagram users caused Instagram, which until now saw almost no competition, felt threatened and added more features to its platform.
How is the BeReal application different from other social networks:
With these interpretations, BeReal users cannot manage their feeds or edit their images in this application. There is no filter in this application and users’ images will be shared with other users or even the whole world exactly as seen by the camera lens.
So it seems that this application is not very popular with users who are used to using filters or who do not like their true selves. In fact, the posts sent in this application can only contain the image of the phone’s main camera or selfie. In this application, you cannot lie about what you are doing or where you are. How necessary is the existence of this application in Iran.!!!!
The next difference in the post posting algorithm in this application is that you only have two minutes during the day to post or check other people’s posts, and this time is also random. prepare or send, and in addition, you cannot use gallery images to post. In fact, according to the description of this application, “If you want to become an influencer, you can use Tik Tok and Instagram.”

How to use the BeReal application?

How to work with this application is very simple. First, after downloading the application, create a user account like any other social network. In this application, you are authenticated through your mobile number. Iranian users must enter their IP address using the method Change the existing ones. BeReal must receive your mobile number for authentication via SMS
Currently, this application can be downloaded and installed for both iOS and Android operating systems in domestic and foreign stores.


User profile and main application settings

After completing the installation process and creating an account, the application will find your friends with the help of your number. You can set your posts to be displayed only to your friends. After downloading the application, you can publish your first post, but You have to wait for 2 minutes of random time to send the next post.

BeReal: Is it possible on the social app to actually be real? | CNN


One of the features of BeReal that Instagram lacks is the feature. This feature randomly asks users throughout the day to share an unretouched image of themselves within 2 minutes. The news suggests that this feature is being added to Instagram and its prototype development has also been confirmed.

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