How to update GitLab


How to update GitLab

Gitlab is a DevOps platform that comes as a single application that combines the ability to develop, secure, and run software in a single application. This makes GitLab unique and creates an efficient software workflow. GitLab started as an open source project to help teams collaborate on software development. GitLab’s mission is to provide a place where everyone can contribute.

First, to view the current version and the list of available versions, enter the following command in order to update gitlab:

yum --showduplicates list gitlab-ce

Then enter the next version for the update, which is located after the current version instead of <version>. And also, step by step, after installing each version, install the next version to reach the desired version.

Note: It is not possible to upgrade from a lower version, for example from 13 to 14, all versions between these two versions must be updated step by step and in order.

yum install gitlab-ce-<version>

You can also view Gitlab information using the following command.

gitlab-rake gitlab:env:info

GitLab provides end-to-end DevOps capabilities for every stage of the software development lifecycle. GitLab’s continuous integration (CI) capabilities enable development teams to automate the building and testing of their code. Security capabilities are included with scan results provided to the developer in their native CI pipeline/workflow, and a dashboard helps vulnerability management for security professionals. Users can also take advantage of fuzzy testing with GitLab’s acquisitions of Peach Tech and Fuzzit.
GitLab is a type of version control system (VCS) with which you can more easily track changes made to files.

GitLab is suitable for coordinating and preventing the overlap of tasks between different people working on the same project.
One of the services of Giov Server is providing Gitlab service.
Developer teams and programmers can get Gitlab service and use it easily.

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