best channels YouTube for IELTS

best channels YouTube for IELTS

As you know, today language plays a prominent role in our lives, and many people are looking for available and free resources to strengthen their language. In this article, I will introduce you to some popular channels on YouTube, suitable for people who want to test in the future. give IELTS. Also, these channels can be the best sources of guidance and training for people who are preparing for the test by themselves. Also, for people who participate in the course or learn Ailes privately, they can see these widely used resources next to their class or course and make the most of them.

Search the mentioned channels on YouTube and make the most of its free resources.


1-Ross IELTS Academy

Ross IELTS Academy

One of the most useful YouTube channels that can help you a lot in the IELTS process.
It has various videos and teaches in detail. Also, one of the most used videos that can be mentioned is its speaking videos. In these videos, you will see the process of the main test in these videos, how the speaking test is conducted.


2-  Zandi English

Zandi English

Another widely used channel that has many resources is Zandi. It also has a website with a lot of content, which is very useful for people studying for IELTS.


3-English With Noushin

English With Noushin

One of the best channels, it is recommended to watch his YouTube videos and remember the professor’s tips. In this channel, you will see some live shows that are very useful, as well as the professor’s key tips regarding IELTS technique and process.


4-Ielts Kade

Ielts Kade

If you are looking for a channel that has complete training, this channel will help you a lot. You can watch the videos posted on this channel.

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