By 2020, Starlink Internet will serve 44,000 users in 36 countries and has sent almost 300 satellites into space.
In 2022, they want to send 52 new satellites.
Starlink satellites are only 483 km away from Earth, while the old satellite internet satellites were 35,400 km away.
To use this internet, you will only need a satellite dish and a Wi-Fi router, but contrary to the advertisements mentioned that this internet is free, users have paid 600 dollars to Starlink for the satellite dish, and in exchange for internet with a lot of fluctuation and other have received stable.
There are also concerns that the high number of Starlink satellites located too close to Earth will spoil the view of the night sky and cause space pollution.
In order to solve these problems, Elon Musk has promised to increase the number of satellites faster and to put a shield to make the light of the satellites invisible!!!
Starlink provides the best services in America because its satellites are focused on America, however, the average speed in America for Starlitek is only 97 Mbps, which is very unstable, and its upload speed is 19 Mbps and the average ping is 45 milliseconds. seconds, which is much better than other satellite internet.

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But Starlink does not have the ability to compete with cable internet. The average speed of cable internet (which is mostly fiber) in the US is 115 Mbps with a ping of 15 milliseconds, which is much more stable.
But in the best case, currently Starlink can give you 200 Mbps download speed, while fiber optic easily provides 10 Gbps speed to the user equally for download and upload.
By increasing his satellites, Elon Musk promises 10 gigabits per second for download, and optical fiber using the technique
In the next few years, CP-OFDM promises a speed of over 10 gigabits per second up to 319 terabits per second, which of course has been implemented in a test environment.

Please note that Starlink always has a serious problem in uploading and has not provided a solution for the future in this matter, while optical fiber offers the same upload speed as download, and due to having a ping below 10 for games and specialized uses. It’s more suitable.
Elon Musk has announced his goal of providing free internet to rural areas and countries without proper internet infrastructure, while he has not yet taken the slightest action in African countries, and also some people introduce this internet as a support for fiber optic internet, which according to Due to the very high cost and space pollution, this project does not seem justified, and some believe that Elon Musk will not even come close to his promise to reach the speed of 2 gigaseconds, because at least ten thousand more satellites must be sent into space. Which seems practically impossible with 39 satellites in the year, the maximum record of which was in 2019. Also, space traffic and the problem of space debris will create new risks in the future.
Weak security in satellite internet is also a serious problem and maintaining privacy will be much more difficult than today’s internet.

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